Heritage belongs to all. Our calling is to recover, preserve, invigorate and to pass it on.
In our largely formulaic (if not entirely artificial) world, scenes that retain their original identity and radiance create a unique sense of place and belonging. Natives venerate and worship their historical scenarios as a formative part of their distinctive cultural character. To others – those who seek to expand their horizons beyond the familiar – these scenes offer a glimpse into the mystery of distant customs, conventions, beliefs, practices, and experiences. Unlike each other, often strange (anything but ordinary), sometimes discordant, but always fascinating and enlightening, these authentic locations constitute a genuine treasure of the world's heritage.

Schloss Beesenstedt is certainly one of such places. Conceived and completed in 1895 as a private residence and clubhouse, all that transpires today bearing its name is a modern emanation of its historical purpose. The B31 project is a gesture of allegiance to the conceptual legacy of its founders and a vibrant reincarnation of the original spirit that once permeated the castle's inner universe. Welcome!

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The project sustains itself through a series of signature events across the boundless fields of culture: music, dance, visual art, performance, literature, film, fashion, wellness, and mindfulness – sometimes all combined into one extended program tailored to a select audience. Feel free to leave your name and e-mail if you would like to be personally notified of these events and keep up to date with major updates related to the project. We guarantee no spam or misuse of your data.
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About the Project

The current phase of Project Beesenstedt builds upon the preliminary effort aimed at restoring the basic structure of a dilapidated countryside estate comprised of a large XIX century manor house and its adjacent buildings with some dating back to the Middle Ages.

The project has been gradually unfolding since 1995 when the estate was privately acquired following the decades of abuse and neglect. The reconstruction has been personally funded by Armin Mey, the current owner and chief architect; as well as indirectly by the guests – supported with the revenues from periodic events held on the premises, such as festivals, conferences, workshops, weddings, creative collabs, group getaways... Given its historic character and near-full functionality, the schloss is also often rented as a mise-en-scène for film and other production.
"It is an elegant early XIXcentury manor house towering over the immensely wide and slightly undulating flat fields, looking down and bestowing onto the squat, graystone medieval town below all the flamboyance one finds in and around Beesenstedt."
Structurally intact and providing for comfortable short stays and longer-term residencies, Schloss Beesenstedt now offers itself both as a platform equipped and furnished for a wide range of activities and, in parts yet to be developed, as a tabula rasa to be moulded at will and inscribed upon with original ideas. The project in the current phase evolves seeking and welcoming collaborations across various cultural fields. It keeps thriving on creative contributions and energies from international artists, musicians, designers, performers, writers, thinkers, and dreamers of all kinds.

The next phase of development will expand the scope of the current plan to include the social responsibility task of reviving the town itself giving it new health, strength, and spirit.

Rooms & Facilities

The Schloss is an elegant early XIX-century manor house bestowing on the medieval town all the flamboyance one can find in and around Beesenstedt.

Four-storeyed 5,000m2 piece of architecture, its ground floor is given to five large halls or vestibules. Variously furnished and decorated, sharing two old fireplaces, a bar, grand piano, artworks on the walls, an exit to the winter garden and a restroom, these ample ground halls can be of use, convenience and indulgence in many different ways. The Masonic Chamber which contains a library of antique books, stockroom of artifacts, the solar (room for solitary activities) and other facilities is a limited access area requiring permission from the host to enter.

The second floor boasts a grand hall originally built as a ballroom. Restored and furnished with fidelity to the bygone era – its high ceiling adorned with elaborate stucco ornaments, three enormous crystal chandeliers in classic style illuminating the chamber, otherwise full of light flooding in through the wall of vast windows; equipped with an authentic fireplace surrounded by sofas and chairs accenting the warmest social area, the spot especially hospitable in winter time, an old Bechstein grand piano solemnly awaiting its guest maestro in the corner, and a sound system to plug in an occasional iPhone – the grand hall most comfortably holds banquets, ceremonies and other large-group lively congregations.
"A silent ode to a lot of things it has seen over centuries, the Schloss is a magnificent four-storeyed 5,000m2 piece of Neo-Renaissance architecture built to serve both as a palatial residence and as a Maison de Plaisance, a clubhouse."
Adjacent to the grand hall one finds the main bar, a bay-windowed gallery stretching across the entire rear facade facing south and serving as a breakfast parlour, and two large terraces facing north, one hanging above the main entrance. Other rooms on this level are a high lobby area, sauna with an exit to the balcony, sauna lounge with a bar, bathroom with showers, industrial-type kitchen and service rooms.
The third and fourth floors of the house are bedroom areas – rooms of different types and interior styles (private double and triple bedrooms, most equipped with private bathrooms), spacious rooftop dormitories affording different degrees of privacy. Not counting other buildings, the house itself is most likely to comfortably accommodate all of your people.

The roof is topped with two observatories offering panoramic views over the town and beyond the horizons.

In the basement which vertically spans two underground levels one discovers a club area, soundproof, comprised of the main dance floor, another smaller dance floor one level down, two makeshift bars, conspiracy lounge, and a number of small chill-outs and hideouts. Here in the cellar one also locates two fully equipped gyms.

Living and other functional space of the estate stretches into the buildings found in the backyard. Currently there are three. Two of which are 900m2 barns of stone with some of their space designed to hold conferences, workshops, performances, large screen film projections. The rest of space is partitioned into dorms. The third is a two-storeyed building furnished as an auditorium with a stage and removable seating, a restaurant and bar; more sleeping quarters on the second floor and in the attic.
To see the detailed floor plans, you need a password to the section below. To request one please shoot a message from your private email account to schloss-beesenstedt@gmx.de

Your Special Events

Project Beesenstedt would not be possible without your bookings for events – always so special, so yours! Its existence is largely due to your contributions – in one form or another, including you stepping in, animating the space with festivity, infusing it with your personality, breathing into it your joyous spirit, making it part of your lifetime memories, and sharing your unforgettable thrill with others.

Now with most spaces converted and furnished, the roof not leaking, plumbing and heating systems installed, the surfaces scrapped to their original textures and ornaments, modern amenities in place, Schloss Beesenstedt stands ever more inviting as a venue for your occasions. With each improvement, it promises and provides for a greater quality time. As we keep the rates constant and generally affordable, with every booking today – whether for a wedding or a conference – you pave the way for others to enjoy their special moments in style and comfort a step higher. And so much for yourselves on return in the future.

Think of Schloss Beesenstedt when researching locations for large private celebrations, weddings, group getaways; conferences, seminars, forums; workshops, collabs, alternative work-spaces; gigs, music festivals, art fairs, happenings...

Artist Residencies

The project is an open invitation to artists, interior designers, architects, builders and all manner of creative people to be part of it at heart. As many such similar programs, the artist residency at Schloss Beesenstedt provides a reputable affiliation and much of exposure in light of our mission statement with emphasis on preservation of heritage. In addition to convenient boarding, ample studio space, full use of amenities, and, above all, good time together, some work is eligible for our grants and other types of compensation. The terms of engagement are to be decided based on the merits of each individual proposal. To submit your concepts for consideration please shoot their summaries to schloss-beesenstedt@gmx.de and we will take it from there.

Signature VERGE Series

Verge is the name for our signature events taking place quarterly on special notice and addressed to select audiences organized around certain interests – one key theme at a time. Over the span of three days commencing on Friday night to roll until early Monday, the Verge programming encapsulates music, art, film, fashion, performance as well as other cultural, recreational, educational, and self-exploratory experiences.

Comprised of the finest acts all expertly curated, the Verge events are intended as intersubjective itineraries and frameworks for meaningful socialization and tight-knot networking. The guests withdraw themselves from the compartments of their private lives winding up in the remote (no-easy-exit) communal situations wherein the only way to fully enjoy themselves is through interactions with others, learning, accepting, and gaining from each other by living through the social scenarios and doing things together.
"Furnished and equipped for a wide range of activities. In other parts, it is an ambiguous tabula rasa space to be shaped and reshaped creatively to play up a particular theme."
The principle of selectivity with respect to the audience is not discriminatory, but formative. With the accommodation space limited, the task is to provide our guests with the highest quality time possible. The best time one gets is always spent in the company of the like-minded and similarly inclined. Thus, issuing invitations we make sure the events with, say, experimental food as their main theme first and foremost attract experimental food enthusiasts; while the events primarily dedicated to free-form music or avant-garde cinema are addressed to their most appreciative audience types, respectively.

Thus, it is important that we know you – either personally, or through friends, or based on your profiles in social networks where your cultural preferences and outlook is either expressed or implied. We encourage you to sign with us so we can learn something about you and precise-address our invitations.

We embrace the prospect of collaboration with other organizations whose output relates to culture. Please contact us to discuss what we can do together.

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The location is where tour guides leave off and the real adventure begins. That is how – if lucky following the hinterland winds whistling in all directions – you reach the destination.
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You find us in the town of Beesenstedt near Halle an der Saale, in the southern part of Saxony-Anhalt, the seedbed of German Romanticism, once dominant and still influential intellectual movement in philosophy, the arts, and culture. Google Map.
Schloss Beesenstedt