A Postcard from Lisbon
As much as we wanted our adventure to go on and on, this is not how all good stories unfold... We are shelving it as we must – giftwrapped in so many memories of pure joy – appending the volume with our post-factum ruminations.
What follows is an extended version of our recent dépêche. In general, they are monthly recaps of our activities with notes on upcoming events and whatnot, distributed via email to our members.
This is not an e-mail. It's a postcard! Snailed, some of them arrive 30 years later making the messages contained therein so much more interesting – as a journey back in time can be – and the value of instantaneous communication so overrated.
It's a postcard from Lisbon where our mission last month was roughly threefold: to reclaim some summer vibes and enjoy that lovely city; to popup a new venue, Beato Arts & Social Club (where Beato, the name of a post-industrial bairro on the rise, so favorably means Blessed); and to render Web Summit 2017, the largest tech conference on the planet, "Davos for geeks" and "Glastonbury for techie dorks" 8-bit less nerdy giving it the underground dimension.

As much as we wanted our adventure to go on and on, this is not how all good stories unfold... So we are shelving it as we must – giftwrapped in so many memories of pure joy – appending the volume with our post-factum ruminations.
Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Till Harter - Source & Fluence - Berlin
There is a fair amount of stress in doing what we do – mostly related to the uncertainties which define any new situation where formulae tested in other places do not quite apply. But we can't complain: this way our existence is never short of starting points – the instances from which to look ahead, the moments when one feels most fully alive.

And this is how it begins at the beginning (with the end written into it): Till Harter arrives to check a new location – already carrying a disco ball. What is there for him to probe in the void? In our paradigm of action, practically any room-shaped emptiness will do just fine. Basically, Till comes looking where to hang his legendary disco ball. He gives it a spin and dials to convince us he has found "the best of all possible worlds". We take his word for it. If it ever comes to printing business cards, Till should have Prof. Pangloss as his title – for the amount of optimism he emits into the atmosphere.

While we are packing, he has a few days to explore the local scene scouting for talent to engage in our program and schmoozing everyone he bumps into about the mission. "Not everyone, only nice people!" – Till would correct me on this. Ride on!
Schizflux - Source & Fluence - Berlin
Before we lean back to contemplate our next move, let us sort it out quickly and see how our communication tunes with the concept of ad hoc clubs, the temporary site-specific projects we have been popping up around the world. We compiled a list of riddles and threw it – the whole sixpack – at Schiz Flux. Who is Schiz Flux? A reasonable question! This entity is a ghostly presence in our midst. While some report his sightings (nearly as frequent as those of UFO), others, the vast majority of our club members, suspect it's a script. Always a possibility in the age of globally distributed processing. So here we go: A Communication Primer. After all, communication is that which interlinks any organism and keeps the society together. Or the Turing test.
Lisbon perfectly mirrors Berlin dating back to when the city was booming on free spirit and raw energies. Could it be the next habitat for the cosmopolitan creatives?
— Vera Marques da Silva
Vera Marques da Silva has been our area guide and chief ambassador helping us with our integration into the cultural subterrain of Lisbon and, the other way around, infusing our space with the local spirit. Grappling with the desire to fix memories and nostalgizing the days bygone, we talk about her experiences living in Berlin, how they translate into her native milieu, the prospects of Lisbon picking up where Berlin left off a decade ago, the difficulties and secrets of making the BEATO Art & Social Club a hit in no time.
A temp "blank slate" space arranged to ferment personal and cultural exchanges within, outside and across all borders.
— Beato Art & Social Club
Artur8 - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Aside from good music and a lot of it, Artur8 is in possession of a certain wisdom which, for one thing, guides him dragging his impressive collection from disco to disco, and, for another, sympathetically resonates with the very raison d'etre of BA&SC, the most recent one in the array of our temporary microspace exploration projects around the world. "In terms of venues, the scene is changing very fast. It's no longer so much about any particular places, but about promoters who often rent spaces virtually unknown to anybody, for a special occasion and real surprise – non-club venues like houses or lofts."
Hugo Capablanca - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Hugo Capablanca is a charismatic and in equal measure whimsical character – a prolific producer/DJ who has been for the last decade or so steadily building a reputation for making his playful dilettantish approach a proper genre of his own. Originating from Spain and currently based in Berlin, his DJ sets and studio work reflect this nomadic, wild and eclectic energy that melts psychedelic influences, disco, industrial, acid and other far-out styles together to create raw and organic concoctions that tickle the body and excite the mind. His refusal to stick to any particular genre transgressing their boundaries in all directions is also manifested in his collaborations with other artists and marks the output of Discos Capablanca, his own record label that has scored several seminal EPs by artists extraordinaire such Grackle, Two Dogs in a House, and the Mutant Beat Dance. Aside from that, Hugo's name is closely associated with imprints as remarkable as Hivern Discs, Cómeme, Correspondant and Astrolab.
Pedro Duarte Jorge - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Pedro Duarte Jorge started his professional career at the Surf Portugal magazine to later become its editor of photography. He continued with Onboard contributing to many other publications in and outside of Portugal – Expresso, Maxim, Around the World, Flipper. His style stretches between strict documentary and classic art photography which itself oscillates in the range of aesthetic references from Newton to Bresson, often due to his choice of equipment – premium or pinhole.
Blaenk Minds - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Blaenk Minds originally stands for a creative collaboration between two multimedia artists whose experiments and output combine sound and sight making the experience of each much more intense and the composite much more immersive than the sum of its parts. Every track they play, Kristian Rave and Thea Winning magnify it with a unique visual sequence, which engages the recipients on at least two sensory levels. In Berlin, their homebase and playground where the duo hosts its famed Blaenk Nights series, they are often joined on stage or in the studio by other audiovisual artists who contribute to the development of the AE party model.
CVLT - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Growing up in home of jazz musicians, a melting pot of miscellaneous music from jagged punk to tribal african rhythms, he first built his reputation as a DJ while living in New York. Interpreting the sounds of that city and honing his own unique sonics, CVLT's sets represent an ever-fascinating blend of music born of distinct geographic locations. First becoming a staple in Portugal's well kept underground scene, then taking over parties from Lisbon to Berlin, CVLT has found a home with the misfit/mutant label Discos Capablanca, and frequently works as part of the artist collective Fungo and other collaborators.
Daniel Haaksman - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Few individuals can claim to have done so much for musical exchange across the globe as Berlin based Daniel Haaksman. Spinning a club ready mix of baile funk, kuduro, house, trap or afro house he knows no rules except for one: A DJ has to rock the party.
The scene is changing very fast. It's no longer so much about any particular venues.
— Artur8
Schall & Schnabel - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Schall & Schnabel are a multi-disciplinary studio founded by Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn that works primarily within the field of conceptual fashion editorials while initiating different collaborative projects with visual artists, musicians and dancers. With a knack for offbeat ideas, surreal dioramas, and humorous staging, the duo effortlessly utilises fashion photography and portrait photography, cinemagraphs & animated gifs, videography, stop motion, light and room installations to convey a moderately-warped, but engaging and challenging universe. Vivid pop-art colors, mirrors, dynamic lighting and shadows with subtle nods to our problematic and frantic urban culture combine to demand real questions of the viewer and stimulate meaningful visual dialogue.
Sofia Marques Ferreira - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Sofia Marques Ferreira is a filmmaker, visual artist and creative director. She lives and works in between Lisbon and Berlin exhibiting her pieces around the world. Peach Films which she founded is an incubator for evocative motion imagery with contributions from many other notable international artists. The central theme of her oeuvre is the link between the body and time. Sofia is researching and articulating this connection in her ongoing project called Cinema of the Body.
LoYoTo - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
The name may sound novel to some, but the couple hiding behind it does not require much introduction amongst the connoisseurs of electronic music. Both are well-known for solo works to their individual names as well as for multiple collaborations with other remarkable talents. LoYoTo is the brainchild of two Berlin-based artists. Cle Kahlcke is an ambassador of finest house who has been around as a producer and behind the decks ever since the late 80s. He is part of the legendary Märtini Brös and backed by a bulk of stellar releases on labels such as Poker Flat Recordings and Local Talk. Originally rooted in dub and reggae, Eva Be is a recording artist for Best Works and Best Seven as well as a remixer for Sonar Kollektiv, Pulver Records and many others. What makes this combo so welcome at BA&SC.
Melanie Gaydos - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Coming from Hamburg with the base in Berlin, Aglaja Brix and Florian Maas are photographers who have been exploring the field as a duo since a few years ago. Their main focus is fashion, beauty and portrait with an eye on modern architecture. Brix&Maas' aesthetics is often described as cinematic, dark and sensual. It's as much about form as about substance – each piece telling a story. The series the artists bring to the BA&SC is the outcome of their experiment working together with Melanie Gaydos whose singularity finds its most emphatic expression when contrasted with the ordinariness, uniformity and conventional niceness of things on the background.
Tiago - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Tiago the name is most synonymous on stage with Trust, the Lisbon's underground signature night at Lux Fragil where he has been resident for 18 years, since its very conception, dropping his sets on a weekly basis with each often running as long as the entire shift. In his native Portugal and beyond, Tiago is near unanimously regarded as the most prolific dance music producer and the pioneer of synthesis blending all kinds of forms, some seemingly incongruous, and the way hardly anyone around can quite replicate. His mixes epitomize excellence as such and serve as ultimate instruction on how in one sequence to reconcile and gainfully employ all the differences between disco, house and techno, all imperceptibly deemed antithetical; how the music in general should be produced and delivered. In these glutted days of cut and paste edits, his care, passion and talent hark back to the origins of the movement. Tiago the self-taught musician, producer, DJ, and person as well as his extensive discography – first as a band member in half a dozen collectives and then as separate entity – have played a vital role in the reawakening of global interest toward various shades of leftfield dance music.
Pistola y Corazon - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Pistola y Corazon is a cute tiny well-kept local secret place in Lisbon where food is prepared and consumed for the sake of pure enjoyment. We were already licking fingers, up to elbows, popping up the operation at Beato. Vernacular, handy and interactive, you chew on the offerings the way you please and as much as you can take in all imaginable combinations. It's a shameless food, free of table manners and other non-gustatory constraints or, properly speaking, comida sin verguenza – with respect to its origins. Coming from Mexico, the shameless menu goes well with "dirty" music, lands perfectly with the party and other joyfully debaucherous situations we call "underground". It's a funky, cheerful and very social food. Have a bite like there is no tomorrow!
In Mexico, we eat tacos the way we please. We eat them in the morning, in the afternoon, after a night out... We eat them listening to ranchera, hip-hop, blues, rock & roll and electro-punk. All that matters is that it's fun and that there is enough salsa...
— Pistola y Corazon
Nico Stinghe - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Nico Stinghe is a Milan-based photo- and videographer recognized for his unique spur-of-the-moment approach to portraying the street-level genuineness of his protagonists. Stinghe's work can be found in fashion and lifestyle magazines to which Nico has been contributing for more than a decade. Sometimes staged, but mostly impromptu snaps, his optics captures objects given up close or lurking far on the background and reads into their smallest details; peculiar textures, body-parts, fabrics, splashes of color… all that which draws the viewer into a moment. With his current project titled Another Sidewalk, the artist proffers the scenes of urban life, not all fabulous – some moments of terror, bliss, disgust, but always brutally honest glimpses into the clumsy genius of humans on the move.
Luis Rosenberg - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Luis Rosenberg comes from a family genealogically rooted in Austria, India, Brasil, Argentina, France, China, Turkey and the Netherlands. Born in Vienna and currently – following his graduation from Universität der Künste – living in Berlin when not traveling globally, Luis tries to slip this multicultural background into his compilations where organic sounds clearly prevail. "My mixes are a mosaic of modern and traditional cultures. The sound is influenced by Turkish pop, Estonian choirs, German synthesizers and Indian drums. It is gleaming and dark, natural, shimmering, and always in motion."
Xavier Hirsch - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Born, raised and based in Berlin, Xavier Hirsch is a video artist who employs a variety of design and communication techniques. His art deftly combines both formal constructivist methods and experiments which reveal Xavier's fondness for deconstruction. Working with light, shadows, reflections, dots, lines, complex geometries, symmetries and asymmetries, generated in real time by various devices in his control and adding his personal narratives as well as interactive elements to the sensory data, Hirsch summons a strange form of mechanical-organic beauty. He introduces the viewer to his visuals in the status of a full participant. The artist pulls the audience into the discourse which negotiates some universal themes of human existence.
Martim Monica - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Martim Mónica is a multidisciplinary creative who freely admits to having far too many interests. This is to say, he is still figuring life out and honing in on those skills which match his intuition most precisely. Following his graduation from the London College of Communication, Mónica worked for a while as a graphic and motion designer affiliated with a number of creative agencies. Back in Lisbon since a few years ago, his multifaceted skills have been utilised in many ways and programs including the projects for Lisbon government. Martim excels in creating works that adapt to environment absorbing its aesthetics, themes, and subtle narratives.
Beato Art & Social Club... There is always more to it than meets the eye.
— Schiz Flux
Plastic Arts - Beato Art & Social Club - Lisbon
Sebastião Lobo is a Portuguese jeweller and conceptual artist producing an array of objects, both individual and serial, working with wire, plain and precious metals, various organic materials and fabrics.

Native Lisboeta, Catarina Alves makes sculptures. She shapes things and not just that. Alves moulds the imagination and frames the minds for a dialogue concerning the ambiguity of forms. Her sculptures require extraordinary thinking. Catarina's current output draws upon her earlier studies in ceramics and scenography; her involvement in street theater and puppetry arts.

A steadfast seeker and ceaseless maker, Constança Antunes Clara is rapidly building a repertoire in her prefered mediums of sculpture and graphic arts. She is also an organiser persuading her various fellow talents to coalesce and produce work which is both original and challenging. Her education stretches from Fine Arts as taught at the University of Lisbon, through workshops in ceramics at the Oficinas do Convento, courses in painting at the Arte Ilimitada, to postgraduate work at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London.

Diogo B. Moniz lives in Aldeia de Paio Pires, a small town about 20 kilometers south of Lisbon. It's his seclusion scenario, an escape from the hustle-bustle of city life in search of communion with nature he is longing for as an organic agricultural devotee and visual artist. Diogo's artwork is neither abstract, nor bound to realism, but a simple expression of his experiences and observations; above all, a quiet reflection on the human condition.

Tiago Franco draws and paints his way around demonstrating his penchant for abstractions. His entry into the visual arts has been granted and advanced by his ever-growing capacity for transferring his memories, before they dry up, to a two-dimensional plane this way retaining their gist and preserving much of their freshness. One of the phases of his becoming an artist to remember is Tiago's formal studies of architecture, which culmunated in work with Alejandro Aravena, the Chilean 2016 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner.