Lisbon | Portugal | 2017

Billing itself as smooth space (to borrow the term from the philosophical lexicon of Gilles Deleuze) activated for the purpose of fermenting genuine personal and cultural exchanges across all boundaries, the Beato Arts & Social Club Project originates in the series of events taking place in the dim-lighted backyard of Web Summit, the largest tech conference on the planet, "Davos for geeks" and "Glastonbury for techie dorks". In November 2017, SOURCE & FLUENCE was commissioned to render this grand occasion 8-bit less formal and nerdy, providing the event with a casual, sporadic, "underground" dimension.

For one thing, the underground motif resonates so well with the ethos of invention – its eureka moments are so often asynchronous with the official timelines with the real breakthroughs and so many of them taking place in the garages. For another, Lisbon where the summit was taking place is picking up where Berlin left off a decade ago when it was booming on free spirit and raw energies. With its rents affordable and so much post-industrial space for collaborations available, the city is emerging as an intuitive answer to Berlin with its generative domain by now largely striated (See: Deleuze for the Desperate: The Smooth and The Striated).

Could it be that Lisbon is the next cosmopolitan harbor for unboxed, free-flowing creativity? Indulging in memories of bygone times in Berlin, Beato Art & Social Club was a week-long showcase to affirm this view as the most likely scenario. Engaging both local and international talent in all its expressive diversity, the project was also a way to promote this prospect as a real opportunity to the world. Considering the response, the BA&SC message has been well-received (see: A Postcard from Lisbon).
Berlin | Germany | 2015 – 2017

Jackie O Berlin is a modest and intentionally slow part of an ambitious large-scale and wide-reaching development proceeding in step and spirit with the evolution of the entire district southeast from Mitte. Gradually over the next few years, the 25,000m2 patch of reclaimed waterfront in Lichtenberg will be unfolding into an upscale settlement to house studios, ateliers, shops, showrooms, offices, colabs, a restaurant, marina and wellness facilities.

Given the construction all around, today the area feels more like a road trip. Within this analogy, Jackie O is a stopover on the gentrification journey – advantageously pinned on a scenic peninsula extending out into the Spree River. It is equipped with a kiosk bar, open grill kitchen, two tented hangouts, burn barrels here and there, wood pallets repurposed for seating and some handmade tables per se. Of ornamentation, you find a few objet trouvé installations, not especially congruous, stuck in the bushes around the perimeter. A disco ball hanging from the tree. All there is so far or ever to enchant the guests inside and to draw attention from outside. Sometimes from afar: "This weekend, east of Berlin's city center on the banks of the River Spree, and despite the August heat, an invite-only crowd of local and international creative types arrived just before sunset, by land and by water, to enjoy the latest in a series of Jackie O outdoor parties..." — New York Times Magazine.

Its name obtaining from a boat moored at the dock and conveying its famous owner in the past, the spot has gained the renown for its Berlin Summer Air sessions featuring live music acts and original downbeat low-volume electronica – the genres so harmonious with the easy garden vibes, sunset colors, soft moonlight, whispering of the wind, and nocturnal chill.

As a club and communication that promotes its activities in the social networks, Jackie O case exemplifies a cultural marketing approach to urban area development – the strategy and methods which SOURCE & FLUENCE exports and applies on request to other places. (See: Beato Arts & Social Club in Lisbon).
Das Stue | Berlin | Germany | 2017

Berlin's first and number one luxury boutique hotel. Situated in the diplomatic district, this uber-stylish complex is a smart and masterful conversion of the former Royal Danish embassy, a landmarked piece of monumental architecture telling its own story. Das Stue's historic status and situation to an extent determines the ambience, character and quality of nightlife on the premises featuring – among other general facilities – a bar boasting its fancy adaptations of forgotten 1920-30's cocktails, craft spirits and rare wines. There and so fittingly every other Thursday night, SOURCE & FLUENCE hosts some of the best live music programs in Berlin.

Kind of Stue – Fine Jazz Jams is a series of close encounters with the living jazz legends and blossoming virtuosos playing in the intimate settings to the most discerning ears. It is with earnestly and thoroughly curated music programming communicated through social media and conveyed viva voce to the regulars that the entire venue receives much of its renown and publicity.

Cultural content is a variable – the only one in some circumstances – that breaks the monotony of representation and makes extra waves for a brand to outsurf the competition of repetitive just-as-fine imagery and stock self-appraisement.
Ibiza | Spain | 2017

A farmstead set among Ibiza's pastoral inlands, La Granja is a members-only and select public-access retreat devoted to cultivation of the arts, crops and lifestyle predicated on the idea of holistic inner development. It stands out in antithesis to the hospitality concepts targeted to or affected by mass tourism. The vitality of farmhouse club paradigm has been confirmed and boosted by the major travel and lifestyle publications.

As far as the involvement of SOURCE & FLUENCE is concerned, the project's instant success can be attributed to the following factors: proper basic conceptualisation and consistent branding; micro-targeting and dynamic communication; visual language of form and substance; apt organization and management of events; genuine community relations; mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses, producers, artists and interest groups; precise and evocative formulation of cultural agenda and its realization through weekly programs, to name Lucid Sundays, Other Thursdays, Starlight Cinema, Farm Convivium, Sound Rituals, Inner Gardens, Fireside Soirees...
Mykonos | Greece | 2015 – 2017

Global communication gadgetry nearly hardwired into our brains, we find ourselves all technically interconnected. Yet, paradoxically, each of us feels more isolated than ever before, the social sciences tell us. In the world of collective solitude and atomized togetherness, what a friend is worth? This is the kind of problematics that has been predominant in conceptualizing a new spot on the map of Mykonos, the famed party island in Greece where, traditionally, the idea of collectivity based on friendship means a lot, more than anything else – from Plato to breakfast.

Scorpios opened in May 2015 with communal aspirations as its guiding light. Directly and otherwise, SOURCE & FLUENCE has been from start involved in various aspects of foundational thinking for the new entity, its branding, cultural programming and communication.

Upscale, Scorpios bills itself as Agora, not just another beach club. Central spot in the ancient Greek city-states, it literally means gathering place with its function to galvanize artistic, philosophical, spiritual and political life of the community, to ingrain it with meaning, tighten it from within and expand to the benefit of civilization. It is in this optics that our Scorpios mission shows most clearly: to help establish and maintain the global perception of the project in the communal and cultural terms of high Hellenism.
Rio de Janeiro | Brazil | 2014

In Summer 2014, SOURCE & FLUENCE moved to Brazil to assist DesignHotels in setting up and running a live circuit for the brand. Referred to as a popup, it was essentially a platform for activities across various social and cultural fields, all in step with a major event in sports history – the FIFA World Cup. The project was a series of happenings taking place in and around Clubhouse which had been soft-converted for the purpose and for the time being from a residential estate on the hill of bohemian Santa Teresa.

With the focus on community, Project RIO aimed to connect movers and shakers of the creative class. And so it went in the garden around the pool: local Bossa Nova mixed with German techno-house, while the likes of artists, architects, designers and cultural entrepreneurs mingled and swapped ideas forming new creative alliances. Berlin de Janeiro series of events attracted thousands failing if only in one sense – legally unable to accommodate all those at the gates eager to get in.

Four weeks stint in Rio enabled DesignHotels not only to connect with the local domain of talent, but also to strengthen its brand presence, expand its communication network and grow its portfolio in Latin America. The Project RIO received a widespread media coverage garnering a strong international following. It was reported by well over a hundred publications including Elle, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, The Guardian, Vogue...
Tulum | Mexico | 2011 – 2015

An oceanfront property run down through neglect and mismanagement, Papaya Playa had been for years crying the absence of raison d'etre and manifesting the lack of vision for development. Nestled in the jungle along a pristine stretch of the Caribbean coast in Tulum, it was discovered and picked in this condition by DesignHotels. Always ahead of the game, the company turned the site into its project to test a number of ideas. Resounding, in their application however they were virtually unprecedented in the fields of hospitality and experiential travel. In the course of some two weeks, it revamped the property and imbued it with spirit to swell on the notions of ecological sustainability and the ethos of post-materialism.

With some structural adjustments while preserving its simplicity, the Papaya Playa Project was launched in winter 2011 and communicated to the world in terms coined to denote the site-specific guest experiences: barefoot luxury. Contrary to its materialist meaning, it's the kind of luxury that connects you with yourself, with nature, the Universe.

One of a kind entity back then, its concept, purpose and activities fully explicated in social media on a daily basis, it did not take long before the project acquired the sweeping reputation of the most remarkable hospitality development in the region, as confirmed by the major travel, culture and lifestyle outlets – from Vogue to New York Times and on to academic publications.

As a beach club associated with legendary Bar25/KaterHolzig, key partner in the campaign, Papaya in no time became one of the most reputable and sought-after music venues for the international talent to express itself and for clubbers and music lovers to must-go. Ever since, it's been host to numerous international festivals of notice, such as Burning Man, WooMoon, and setups, like Boiler Room.

Some keen-sighted observers point out that the development of Tulum as the world's top destination is due primarily to the breakthrough success of Papaya Playa Project, where SOURCE & FLUENCE gets credits for its role in original concept deliberation, decision making, program administration and brand communication.
Berlin | Germany | 2008 – 2012

An underground boutique venue built into the old railway bridge foundation boasting no sign on the door and an instant success story to soon be ranking among the top 20 of all the major attractions in Berlin, Bar Tausend is one of the earliest creations by Till Harter of SOURCE & FLUENCE. The club opened in 2008. Skip to 2018 and see it still running. In other words: "Fluence is as vigorous as its source."

The skyrocketing popularity of this clandestine operation is due to its outstanding concept which capitalizes on the cool, chic, class, mystery and impeccable service that especially resonates with music aficionados, high-flying socialites, local and international glitterati, bons vivants, dandies, bobos, celebs, high-rolling lifestyle travelers as well as with other urbane types (snobs included) – whoever manages to get in through what seems like the most impervious nightlife doorway in the capital. Its lively social atmosphere and atypical location aside, the bar is recognized for its award winning design, superb cocktail culture, 15 points Gault Milleau restaurant and its daring combination of quality live and pre-recorded sounds.

As a marketing case, Bar Tausend is peculiar an entity propagating not through publicity and inclusion, but through secrecy and exclusion.
Beesenstedt | Germany | 2017 – Ongoing

While Schloss Beesenstedt is an old palace, Beesenstedt 31 is the name of a relatively new project, where 31 stands for its physical address. The project builds upon an earlier effort aimed at reconstruction of the countryside estate comprised of a large XIX century manor house and its adjacent structures with some dating back to the Middle Ages. Since 1995, the original concept has been unfolding through the initial private investment by Armin Mey, an architect, visionary and entrepreneur; as well as through the recurring revenues from various activities such as festivals and conferences.

The new phase of development is to expand the scope of the original concept with the agenda of rebuilding and reviving the town itself. This development is informed and illuminated by the notions of historic, social and environmental sustainability. The plan is to be realized through the methods of cultural marketing, which boil down to establishing a unique format for cultural activities on the premises and their proper promotion by means of multimedia and via global social networks.

This format is implied in the Total Sociocultural Adventures series, quarterly Beesenstedt 31 signature events, variously themed and addressed to select audiences.