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Saturday | April 18th — 2018

Reading can Read

"Humans cannot communicate; not even their brains can communicate; not even their conscious minds can communicate. Only communication can communicate." ― Niklas Luhmann

Time to blow the dust from my slumbering sociology books, to excavate some corpses of self-referential thinking (for only thinking can think) buried there alive and providently marked for archaeological detection, to unwrap and grind their bones together with edits for swift comprehension and comfy reference (addressed to reading that can read) – ultimately to make sense of the current situation. Now when the whole world is marching to the same horror tune, I feel it needs a bit of an off-beat to swing.
Terra Incognita - Dred Records
The dominant semantics of public discourse assumes that humans can somehow intervene in society. The government, one may think, steers society like a captain steers the ship. Under the conditions of functional differentiation and operational closure, there is no institution, organization, system, or group – let alone a single individual – that can control and direct society as a whole (unless it is comprised of mindless robots).

One may trace this naive dominant thinking back to Plato's Republic: the philosopher kings, due to their superior wisdom and understanding, are supposed to rule society just as the mind is supposed to take control over the body.

Luhmann denies that society is based on unity. Rather, he finds that it is based on distinctions and differences. He refutes the concept of a general rationality. No such thing as universal reason: "Reason – never again!" If families, relatively simple systems, are not able to minimize their differences sufficiently from within, political systems are even less able to do so – within themselves and much less for other systems, such as the economy.

Most politicians believe, or at least claim, that, if elected, they would be able to politically benefit the economy. While they can irritate the economy, have it resonate with political decisions, they by no means can steer it.

After Copernicus's cosmological insult (the earth is not at the center of the universe), Darwin's biological insult (man is not the crown of creation), and Freud's psychological insult (his findings regarding the insignificant powers of mind compared with drives and unconscious forces such as the libido), Luhmann adds the sociological insult to human vanity.

Just as we cannot control the universe, our bodies, or our minds, we are also unable to shape the social world we inhabit according to our ideals, wishes, or intentions. No one can. This is not to say that we, as humans, are sociological non-entities. This is to say that we are as little in control of social operations as we are of our brain functions and of our mental processes.

Luhmann compares gestures of the politicians who pretend that everything is under control with the rain dances of the Hopi Indians and ascribes the same function to both, namely "to spread the impression that something is being done rather than merely waiting until things change by themselves". Politics predominantly functions symbolically when it comes to the pretension of steering itself as a system and other systems.

Notes from The Radical Luhmann by Hans-Georg Moeller. Columbia University Press.

Friday | October 12th — 2018

Jackie O Berlin: End Game

Walking around the grounds of Jackie O these days is a baffling and traumatic experience. It may even throw some off balance and their feet. With all the structures and other coordinates gone and so fast, orientation here is a difficult task. The sense of direction radically diminished, our eyes drift from left to right, up and down... Vague empty gaze is shaded by mirrored sunglasses coldly reflecting the void all around. Focusing is unintentional: we don't see what we aim to see spotting instead the unexpected which strikes our eyes and shocks our minds. The place seems incoherent as some important aspects of our former life are now missing. Everything looks so strange at Jackie O. Because Jackie O is now reduced to literally Nothing. Jackie Zero: Nice to meet you! No amount of concrete is enough to fill this hole, the "O" of Jackie. O as in the word "obituary".

We are in the state of delirium of sorts. Change is always tough. Even for those who bill themselves as its agents.

Physically and psychically displaced, we are however not calling the ambulance of shrinks to sooth and assuage our confusion. Quite the contrary! We hitchhike and jump on board of this reckless expedition to Schloss Beesenstedt next weekend.

Per Anhalter navigates the space-time continuum without a map or compass – carrying instead for guidance a brick of confidence in believing that "a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." It's that kind of journey – adrift with its program unspecified – where anything can happen. Join!

Soundtrack to this video vignette is a snippet from maestro Spaniol – Jangá (Niju Remix). Lovely piece which also betrays one name in the fab – albeit so far secret – lineup for Thursday through Monday non-stop. 18 – 21st of October.
Thursday | June 6th — 2019

Terra Incognita: Dred

One of those furtive Terra Incognita sessions... This time showcasing the cumulative genius of DRED Records headed by John Osborn. In his own words: "Defining DRED's musical direction was not a single decision but a slow arduous process of choosing what I did not want it to be rather than the other way round..." Our Terra Incognita format means: 1) Donation for the artists instead of entrance fee; 2) No bar – few boxes of beer and juices; 3) Feel free to bring your own drinks, snacks and whatnot; 4) Enjoy the spot while it lasts. Not for long... Starting at twelve noon until midnight.
Friday | October 13th — 2017

Sunday, Terra Sunday

Sunday. Mostly ambient sounds. They help clearing heads. DRED Records showcase. From now until midnight. "Have your wines and drink them too" sort of policy here today. Also applies to snacks and whatnot. Can't get better than this.
Terra Incognita - Dred Records
Thursday | OCTOBER 12TH — 2017

In Happenstance we Trust

Confessed to you yesterday how accidental Jackie O Berlin is in its origins, operations and prospects. But, hey, this accidentality is precisely what makes the project so fascinating at times, no? Just found out that Thomash of the fab Voodoohop clique will perhaps be joining us tonight to play some tunes. Wicked!
Jackie O Berlin - Voodoohop
Saturday | January 6TH — 2018

Time is on fire! It's burning fast...

This no-exit excursion of the most complete hedonistic abandon in the backwoods of nowhere should be more than enough to compensate for the winter-time zero-nutrient inertia at Jackie O. Most likely, as a participant, you will not ask for more of the sort until Spring when we (hopefully) reopen. Because there is a limit to how much one can physically/emotionally give and take. And then, of course, you would need a few weeks of deep introspective and confessional kneeling to repent and absolve yourself of all your "burns"!

It reads like a haiku: Time is on fire! It's burning fast. Lining up for Extrawurst.

Extrawurst is the name for the Burning Baer interim bacchanalia this year at Schloss Beesenstedt. I swear by the names of all liars in the world (mostly politicians and smartphone repair men): this piece of "wurst" will be devoured long before its dinner time. Space is limited to 500 and it isn't much. Arrange your participation soon.
Schloss Beesenstedt - Burning Baer
Schloss Beesenstedt - Burning Baer
Schloss Beesenstedt - Burning Baer
Schloss Beesenstedt - Burning Baer
Thursday | MAy 16TH — 2019

Say Hello to a New Adventure

We cannot be happier having our Hazy Pockets back from behind the decks of Garbicz and seeing him virtually unimpaired. A few scratches here and there, which we like to think just make him stronger... Sturdy and sound enough to withstand all the funship of his birthday we celebrate tonight at Jackie O Berlin. For it's never you who dance to Hazy Pockets. On all occasions, it's Hazy Pockets who dances you – always plural, often very plural. It's a tall order. But just to make sure, we have monumental Sammy D of Pillow Talk (not to confuse with Sammy Dee) to bolster Hazy's standing in the prime moment. Joining them, meet the one and only Siobhan Prior. I tell ya... If you know what you want, you either know very little or you most certainly want DJ Siobhan tonight! Berlin Summer Air VII - La Durée Réelle
Hazy Pockets Sammy D - Jackie O Berlin
Thursday | August 31st — 2017

Our Passage is a Door Swing

Back from the woods where we spent the last weekend in the company of some 5000 fellow travelers from around the world, existential explorers, balance seekers, music lovers and unquenchable party animals... still resonating with the wild camping vibe. While some who come along from Garbicz Festival – its mornings blessed with a mist that glides over the lake, spills over the meadows and flows through the pine forest – may perhaps be required to see a good psychotherapist to reintegrate into the "real world" (for what it's worth, its urban nine to five discontents notwithstanding), we at Jackie O Berlin are the easy cases. Given a certain similarity of the environments, the passage is simply a door swing, our transition is smooth. Join us dreaming on and being unreal, if only for one more day... Berlin Summer Air VI. This Saturday...
Jackie O Berlin - Garbicz Festival
Friday | August 25TH — 2017

Summer Air V: Migração das Capivaras

This Air will be very special as we shift the event from our regular Saturday to Sunday trying to catch – hopefully not just nominally – a crispier weather promised by the meteorologists. We need it to accommodate the program baked into existence under the tropical sun and begging for at least some of it in our climate. On the other hand, the program has plenty of inner sunshine to share. If caught in the thick clouds, we may just as well cheer on that infinite spiritual source alone – to the fullest extent.

This weekend we welcome our Brazilian friends who unite under the name of Voodoohop, an outlandish art collective born from the series of clandestine parties in São Paulo. Djs, live musicians, performers, dancers, visual artists, wizards and witches, all together they form a multi-sensory "cabaret" where Brazilian music heritage mixes with ritualistic acts, free improvisations, good-meaning madness and whatnot. Nomadic in nature, the group transforms the spaces it briefly populates into marvelous cultural and mystical hideaways to stay forever in memories of those who have journeyed along. Radically experimental, Voodoohop is a constant flux – loose, undefinable and utterly unpredictable. In this latter capacity, it simply can't lead us astray.
Jackie O Berlin - Voodoohop
Saturday | August 26TH — 2017

Moments and Memories

Seth Troxler is one, the space is small, while we are so many. I only wish I could have had all of you in lining up for the gig at the gates last night. But even the guest list proved to be far too much. Join us this Saturday perhaps? For another episode of Berlin Summer Rains on The Porch. It's where the weather as we know it gets real hot and you beg for more rain. Info coming up.
Jackie O Berlin - Seth Troxler
Thursday | July 13TH — 2017

Summer Air IV: Charms & Potions

Summertime is always the best of what might be in nature. The best time, also, to get magical assuming and upholding that our minds, bodies and things act on each other at a distance, miniscule or grandiose, scattered around the globe or enclosed in our small plot of riverside greenery, through a secret sympathy – the impulse being transmitted from one to the other by means of what we may conceive as a kind of invisible yet dense and potent ether. Which explains, not to hard scientists, how persons and objects can physically affect each other through a space which otherwise appears to be empty, idle and meaningless.
Jackie O Berlin - Source & Fluence
Jackie O Berlin - Source & Fluence
Jackie O Berlin - Source & Fluence
Jackie O Berlin - Source & Fluence
Jackie O Berlin - Source & Fluence
Saturday | September 9TH — 2017

Sunshine is Never too Much, Especially Where there is None

It's all in your mind... Feel too much sunshine in Berlin these days? Then just bring your sunblock! Berlin Summer Air X: Trópico. Collecting all the heat there is left in the atmosphere and target dropping it at Jackie O this Saturday. We are welcoming our friends from Brazil to share with us the inexhaustible supply of their personal heat. Tonight. Starting 8PM.
Friday| June 23rd — 2017

Surnaturel: Hara Katsiki

Born in Greece into the family of a fashion designer and musician, Hara Katsiki synthesizes and spirals up the creative influences of both parents, as a prolific visual artist and DJ extraordinaire. She wouldn't choose one field over another, if you asked. And there are many more areas of self-expression she would like to indulge. Berlin Summer Air III: Surnaturel
Jackie O Berlin - Hara Katsiki
Saturday | June 24th — 2017

Music Fathoms the Sky

Follow us this Saturday plunging head-on into the unknown – what remains of it found on the margins of the concrete-clad metropolis and its preordained "normal life" transpierced with bad memories, cyclic anguish, day-to-day spasms, fears, regrets, nightmares, and neuroses… Leave all this behind and join us, relieved, on the beautiful secluded and largely untouched stretch of wild riverside greenery for what our eternal dandy friend Baudelaire describes as "Le Surnaturel".

His notion evokes a dreamlike state of heightened sensibility and perception, where the organic world impresses itself on the beholding consciousness with unprecedented purity, clarity and opacity. Sensations intensify and take on a new meaning; colors and scents speak, speak louder, the sky reveals new depths and sounds turn into music. Nature becomes art and imparts its images upon imagination with absolute energy.

Surweather-wise, it's unlikely you will be tempted to jump into the water at any point tonight... But there is nothing like a campfire in this climate, the smell of woodsmoke at twilight and the flavour of food from the grill in the open. You may want to bring blankets. Precisely how Berlin Summer Air is like. Feel it. Enjoy it. Berlin Summer Air III: Surnaturel
Jackie O Berlin - Surnaturel

Summer Air III: Dada Disco

If you asked, Dada Disco wouldn't name a single specific source of their inspiration. These two French gourmands take in and digest everything – from hard rocks and heavy metals to synthetics and ambiance, you name it... Means you don't expect this duo to ever spew back a cliché, regardless how original or not their piece may sound to some. Design, art, cinema and fashion are as important to them as music, to remain who they are... which means to keep endlessly reinventing themselves.

Denis and Guillaume are very much the products of the "promiscuous and omnivorous" confetti-strewn disco chaos permanently registered in the collective memory of the avant-garde club culture as Bar25. It's through this jolly demonic mill, smoke and fire, thick and thin, two fine French gentlemen have found their way into Berlin's rough bustling music scene. Veritable entertainers, their epic long-haul sets were phenomena in between music and circus. Arguably, the Dirty Disco House series to their names helped make their unholy birthplace even more unangelic.

When the fab generative inferno closed down for good, the duo went on around the world spreading their retro-futuristic sound along with their implicit surrealist attitude. Now self-specified as Dada Disco, their gesturing is more explicit and resolute referring to a movement that famously repudiates and mocks all sorts of artistic conventions while emphasizing the illogical and absurd. For one thing, the new name perfectly sums up the madness and extravagance of their (de)formative years. For another: ruthless selectors, they continue experimenting with genres and influences to discover and deliver their own unique blend of sexy electronics, always favouring spontaneity over etiquette. The name sticks on all these counts.

Dada Disco proves to be a tall order: Running the Comme Ci Comme Ca series at Badeschiff and the Dada Land in Kater Holzig; emitting energies to boost the floors for their special guest acts – Dj Hell, Ellen Allien, Radioslave, Nina Kraviz, Seth Troxler, dOP, Sammy Dee, Maayan Nidam, Spencer Parker, Thugfucker or Hunee to name some; playing in commendable places and events such as Sónar Off, Fusion Festival, KaZantip, Calvi on the Rocks, Cannes Film Festival, Milan Design Week, Berlinale and Berlin Fashion Week... They travel relentlessly and extend effortlessly their playground with gigs all around the world, from Tulum to Vladivostok!
Jackie O Berlin - Dada Disco
Saturday | August 12th — 2017

Summer Air VI: Dreams Galore

You may tire of reality. You never tire of dreams... Berlin Summer Air VI: Dreams Galore. Tonight!

Music is what imagination sounds like...Tonight we are breathing the air vibed up by Frank Octupone, our old-time resident playing his selection of fine timeless groove for unfading souls, the way only the maestro himself can do; Muftah, a relatively new name on the scene – which makes it in the same proportion more intriguing – dropping a deep house mix, slow on beat while emotionally exuberant; and Luis Rosenberg, our special guest returning to headline the evening as it turns into night to backdrop our campfire, arranging sounds from various original and often very odd sources that he finds and thoroughly explores around the world.

Luis comes from a family rooted in Austria, India, Brasil, Argentina, France, China, Turkey and the Netherlands. Born in Vienna and currently – following graduation from Universität der Künste – living in Berlin when not traveling globally, Luis tries to slip this multicultural background into his compilations where organic sounds clearly prevail. "My mixes are a mosaic of modern and traditional cultures. The sound is influenced by Turkish pop, Estonian choirs, German synthesizers and Indian drums. It is gleaming and dark, natural, shimmering, and always in motion..."
Source & Fluence - Jackie O Berlin
Source & Fluence - Jackie O Berlin - Luis Rosenberg
Source & Fluence - Jackie O Berlin